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Social impact

iSpani works with corporates, multinationals and brands to develop and foster future technology leaders, from difficult environments, through the skills development and a knowledge transfer process in order to push a positive social change agenda.

Ongoing project commissioned by Naspers to create 3500 micro-jobbing opportunities
iSpani partnered with Universal Avenue in South Africa to run an employment, training and upskilling process to distribute their products into channels via a digital sales agent network.

Sales as a service

iSpani works with SASS business to build this emerging approach to sales efficiencies and to evaluate not only the extent and character of participation in the informal economy, but also the factors significantly associated with informality of this sector.


iSpani works with brands and businesses, in the insurance space, to conduct research and to create understanding around underlying consumer behaviours and to build tools to bring better offerings into this market.
Swiss Re conducted research with iSpani regarding understanding the underlying consumer behaviour of consumers as it relates to funeral cover and simplified life products and how a better offering can be delivered into this market
Anheuser-Busch InBev commissioned research with iSpani on informal market communities and how harm can be reduced with a specific lens on alcohol aligned incidences around taverns

Fast-moving consumer goods

iSpani uses partnerships with global and local FMCG players to use commissioned research projects, not only to gauge viability, but also to measure the lasting and immediate impact of their consumer facing products and goods.


iSpani partners with retail outfits to conduct comprehensive retail audits that brands can utilize to inform expansion and sales strategies ⁠— these plans ultimately firm up customer acquisitions, store analysis and help create a better understanding around underlying consumer motivations.
iSpani conducted a comprehensive retail audit with PQ clothing to inform strategies as it relates to customer acquisition , store analysis and underlying consumer motivation.
Yoco partnered with iSpani to combine cutting-edge tech with local knowledge to understand the potential impact of card payment devices on informal sector businesses.

Financial technology

iSpani conducts market insights projects, as it relates to the informal sector, to understand the best approach for market penetration. They also provide insights into influencer businesses and the big need that exists for financial payments solutions in this sector.


iSpani manages and facilitate market feasibility studies, and use their deep insights into the African energy need and concern, to help brands in alternative and traditional energy arenas expand into, and meet the unique needs of African consumers.
Duracell, along with Battco Energy Systems, commissioned iSpani to conduct a market feasibility study on the use of a solar battery powered devices as an alternative energy source to informal homes - this research helped de-risk a $10 million investment and provided insight on how to uniquely meet the energy needs of African consumers
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