What is a micro-entrepreneur?

Complete campaigns on the iSpani App to earn rewards!

How to get started

Download the App on
Google Play Store, then
register an account,

Complete a campaign by entering your phone number or the number of the person you are interviewing.

Click “Start” to begin the


How iSpani works

Earn by completing tasks

Complete campaigns and earn points & money on your own time, in your own community. Snap photos, conduct interviews etc.

We verify each of you entries

After your data is submitted, it is verified to ensure that only the highest-quality results are delivered to the customers requesting it.

How to get paid

Earnings from all verified entries will go directly into your digital wallet. You can then request payment through cash bank deposits. Other options will be available soon.

Redeeming points


How to cash out


To CASH OUT, click on
the wallet tab


Click, “DIRECT DEPOSIT”, then enter your banking details. Add the amount, then click “REQUEST”

Note that the amount should not be more than the Available balance.



After clicking “REQUEST” allow for
1-3 working days for the amount
to reflect on your bank account.




“Hi am Lutho…This opportunity should be open to all young people that have a good mindset on business and not easily discouraged. In this line of work I learned that you must not give up easily and you need to be patient, if you feel like you can not do it just know that you can do it. And never ever give up in life keep on going you never know what is coming for you and you can reach you destiny. I am Happy to being a Micro_Entrepreneur”


“My name is Thelma Tinotenda Munyonga. Ispani helped me in many ways it opened my mind to new ideas, how to approach customers, how to be your own boss, how to deal with challenges within a business on your own and how to be patient cause you deal with different things and people and it’s not always about the money it’s what you can do just to mention a few. Why should this opportunity be given to other young people I believe it will open their eyes it’s not always about working for someone you can actually be your own boss and help them to see with the knowledge they have they can build an empire in the future it takes patience and effort”

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“The Ispani opportunity has taught me a lot. I learned a lot of things, like how to run your own business. Even though sometime i face challenges and also make loss. I learned how to deal with customers. I learned to communicate with different people now am not scared to talk with different people”